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RingCam Discount Promo Code

Hey everybody! I had the pleasure of using a RingCam for my proposal (Which you can check out here or below) and in doing so, received a promo code to help future proposers (is that a word?) in their endeavors.


You can get 10% off your RingCam rental by using the promo code: WM-ZLONG


The rental from RingCam came to me in about 2 days, and was super easy to use. I recommend you practice beforehand so you know where to aim it and how to use it. I think starting to recording in my pocket was the toughest part (and just hoping it was actually recording). It was a big day and I’m really glad I got the RingCam to help remember it. My fiancee was really surprised (as you can see in our video) and it just made the day that much more special. I’m not being paid by RingCam or anybody to say any of this or put it up. I know how expensive a proposal can be, and tacking on an extra hundred dollars is sometimes tough, so I’m hoping this promo code will save somebody at least a little bit of money and make the proposal that much smoother.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I proposed in November 2016, so the event and my knowledge of the RingCam are still pretty fresh. Thanks, and good luck!