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About Zakary Long

Zakary Long

My name is Zak and I graduated from Ohio University with a BBA in Management Information Systems. Originally from a small suburb of Cincinnati, I moved to Alabama post-graduation and worked there for almost three years before moving to my current city: Nashville, TN. I have traveled internationally to collaborate with customers to better understand their needs and goals. My experiences at home and abroad have shaped the way I look at the world and tackle working on projects, both alone and with a team.

In my spare time I enjoy gaming with friends all over the globe, streaming and interacting with my community, coaching or playing soccer, coming up with new website ideas with my wife (and binge watching shows with her on Netflix), driving my car, the stock market, cryptocurrencies, and keeping up with emerging technology.

I am currently looking for employment in the brand development, social media marketing, and business analyst markets.

I also work on website and logo design as the Brand Developer for Coastline Design Group.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!